Based on the Board Policy listed below, Salt Creek will abide by the following guidelines.

1. All field trips need to be submitted to the Principal 30 days in advance for approval.
2. Donations can be requested from families one time for each of two field trips. Donations will be in the amount of the total cost of the field trip and are not to be padded to cover other students.
3. No student will be excluded for lack of funds.
4. The PTG can be solicited to support field trips, but their final decision is the responsibility of the PTG board.

Supervision Guidelines

1. When another teacher is supervising your students on a field trip, please provide a written roster of your class for them to verify everyone's entrance and egress on the bus or vehicle.
2. If you have a child with an allergy who has an Epi-Pen, the teacher should carry the Epi-Pen and make sure that student is in the group with the teacher.

BP 6153
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The Governing Board recognizes that field trips are important components in the instructional program of the schools. Field trips which are properly planned and implemented can:

1. Supplement and enrich classroom procedures by providing learning experiences in an environment outside the schools.
2. Arouse new interests among students.
3. Help relate school experiences to the reality of the world outside of school.
4. Bring all the resources of the community within the scope of a student's learning experience.

The Board may allocate funds for school-related social, educational or cultural purposes. Individual schools may be provided with budgetary allocations so that effective planning can be made for field trip activities.

No group shall be authorized to take a field trip or excursion authorized by the district if any student who is a member of that group will be excluded from participation because of lack of sufficient funds.

Each school is authorized to request voluntary student contributions for two study trips provided no student shall be prevented from making the study trip because of lack of funds.

All field trips involving out-of-state or overnight travel shall require the prior approval of the Board. Other field trips may be approved by the Superintendent or designee.

Out-of-state study trips will be scheduled outside of regular school year attendance days.

On all school-sponsored trips involving students, provision shall be made for proper supervision by school employees. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in such supervision.

No direct or in lieu financial benefits resulting from any out-of-state study trip will accrue to any staff member involved.

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The District shall provide a first aid kit whenever students are taken on field trips.
Whenever field trips are conducted in areas known to be infested with poisonous snakes, the following requirements of law shall be met (Education Code 32043):

1. The first aid kit taken on the field trips shall contain medically accepted snakebite remedies.
2. A teacher, employee or agent of the school who has completed a course in first aid which emphasizes the treatment of snakebites shall accompany the field trip. Such a first aid course shall be certified by the American Red Cross.
(cf. 5143 - Insurance)

Outdoor Education Programs may be offered for up to five days. No students may be excluded due to lack of funds and no district funds may be utilized to support outdoor education activities.