Parent Conference Questions:

When does my child receive small group guided instruction?
Based on these results, how is my child being challenged and engaged in his/her learning?

Khan Academy - This is a collection of short video tutorials about math, science, economics and more. It's a great place to go to get a quick overview of math concepts being taught at school and also a great place to go to challenge and enrich your children at home.

College for KidsThis annual summer program allows students from grades 4-8 to participate in college level courses in areas such as Biology, Archaeology, Digital Photography, and much more.

Duke Tip Talent Search This program from Duke University provides online curriculum for enrichment. There is a cost of $35 for the program. Salt Creek Elementary or the Chula Vista Elementary School District do not endorse this program.

Tim's Brain Teasers

Here are some websites useful to GATE students and any students with a thirst for challenge.

Singapore Math Problems - Click on the Enrichment link at the bottom of each grade level. You will find very challenging math problems that will stretch your mathematical reasoning.
Larry Ferlazzo - This Sacramento teacher has done us all a huge favor by compiling and reviewing literally hundreds of websites that are educationally related. He has a big heart for English Learners, but students of all abilities and interests will find something to like on his many "Best of ..." series

Free Rice - This is great site for expanding your vocabulary and helping the poor at the same time. Every time you get a correct answer on the vocabulary question, 20 grains of rice are donated to someone in poverty. Learn and Serve at the same time.